They Said About Us:

Saudi Arabia’s young potentials are its most valuable asset. Empowering them has been and will remain a priority of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his crown prince, may Allah bless them. As a testimony to that commitment, PSF has always been keen on empowering and enabling Saudi capabilities, by promoting self-employment working culture to prompt Saudi social development journey and encourage Saudization in all sectors to promote the growth of our economy.

His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Fahd

In the name of of Allah the Merciful,

On this blessed day, I had the pleasure of visiting the Prince Sultan Fund for Small Projects and meeting the sisters and workers in this great program, as well as those in charge of beautiful and useful projects for them and the women of the Eastern Province. I also thank Mrs. Hana Al-Zuhair and all her colleagues for their great work and their challenge to  success this projects. Wish the good luck and success to them all.

HRH Prince Faisal bin Abduallah bin Abdulaziz

It’s my sincere pleasure to visit Prince Sultan Fund for Women Development, I was impressed with what I have seen from concept in this center that is different from other centers. I wish you all the success and prosperity.

Khaled Ali Al-Matrafi

I was very pleased to visit the Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Fund for Women’s Development. Indeed, it is a building project that deserves reverence and respect. Congratulations on them. I ask God to grant them success in their work. Thank you

HRH Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz


Thank God for facilitating the visit to this pioneering project. I am highly impressed with what I have seen from distinguished work and great initiatives that we are proud of, and we look forward to collaborate with this national and more than distinguished project.

Nora bint Abdullah Al-Fayez


I thank all the sisters in the Prince Sultan Fund for Small Business Support for their efforts, performance and support for our young girls, wishing everyone continued success, continuity and success.

Abdullah Zainal

Your presentation of what the centers are doing represents a qualitative force, and just as talk was about its importance for motivating businesswomen, we must work to break the barriers that hinder the launch of this fund.

Ghazi bin Abdul Rahman Al-Qusaibi

I was heartened by what I saw today in the Prince Sultan Fund to support small women's projects, and I was pleased with the valuable services provided by the fund, and the many programs that it includes preparing women to practice their natural role alongside their brother men in line with the eternal teachings of Islam that teach us that God does not waste the wages of a male or female worker. I thank all the contributors to this great project, and I thank all the sisters working in it.
Best Regards

Ahmed Al-Mansour Al-Zamil

I was pleased this day to visit the Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Fund to support small projects for women. Indeed, I was heartened by the success achieved by the Fund in sponsoring and supporting the projects of our Saudi girls and the greatest success in employing Saudi women in these pioneering projects which enabled women in the Eastern Province to launch into distinct regional projects.

The successful experience of the Fund is being replicated in the rest of the Kingdom. I thank the ladies for managing this distinguished project from Mrs. Hana Al-Zuhair and her colleagues for outstanding performance, under the generous patronage of His Highness Prince Muhammad bin Fahd. I wish everyone luck and success.

With my best regards and good luck.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Jasser.

I was pleased to visit this center, which is high in its goals that contributing to supporting Saudi women and developing their capabilities and talents to enter the labor market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an important matter and the duty of every individual in this society. I wish for this center good luck and thanks to His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Fahd for his support for such work in order to serve women as a help to a man in his journey and the comprehensive development in this blessed country.

Ali bin Nasser Al-Ghafis

I was pleased with the blessed accomplishments that have been made, and it is the place of every citizen's pride for the successive achievements in this generous country. The owner of the initiative to establish this fund, His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Fahd, Governor of the Eastern Region, may God grant him success - is proud on the achievements of this blessed fund that established small projects for girls and made them productive workers Contributions to the economy of our dear country. On this occasion, I am pleased to thank very much, the owner of the generous initiative, His Highness Prince Muhammad bin Fahd, and I will also thank all the women working in this fund, headed by the great creative Mrs. Hana Al-Zuhair, Executive Director of the Fund for her wonderful achievements and good management. I also thank and appreciate the efforts. Made by the Secretary General, Mr. Hassan Al-Jasser.

Dr. Afnan Abdullah Al-Shuaibi

I was honored to visit the Prince Sultan Fund for Small Enterprise Development and at the generous invitation of Mrs. Hana Al-Zuhair. I have been pleased with the progress and growth that this fund has witnessed within a short period of time, and I wish the Fund and its workers all the success.

Essam bin Abdul Qadir Al-Muhadeib

It was truly a great honor for me to visit the center and get to know closely the pyramid of the center and its great achievements, and I ask the Almighty for success to those in charge of it.

Ghassan Mahmoud Serag

We are pleased to offer this modest contribution to work with the fund’s employees to prepare a plan of action for the next five years and to help the fund achieve its noble goals to empower women and activate their economic role. God bless.

Abdullah bin Abdul Sattar Alami

It gives me great pleasure to visit this important facility in my dear country.The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques thanked Saudi Aramco employees, both men and women, His Highness the Crown Prince Al-Amin called for the empowerment and encouragement of women, His Highness Prince Muhammad bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz strives to stand with the participation of women in comprehensive development. I raise my thanks, gratitude and appreciation to Mrs. Hana Al-Zuhair and those in charge of this important national facility, and I wish them more success and success, God willing.

Khalid bin Mohammed Al Bawardi

Praise be to God, I have seen more than what I expected,  a great effort and a commendable action that cannot be limited to words. I ask God Almighty to reward you with all the best in your work and effort for the half of our society that ignores some and not much of its support and belief in its ability to give and participate in the successes of the business community in our dear kingdom. You have my sincere thanks and praise, and I ask God to guide you to what he loves..

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