About Business Skills in English

Language training program, basics of languages ​​and correspondence in English for business.

General Aims

  • Providing job-seekers and new job seekers with the necessary tools to use the English language in the field of work
  • Providing girls with the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of work

Detailed objectives:

At the end of the Business English program, participants will be able to:

• Gains confidence in her ability to speak English used in a business environment.

• Learn the correct way to write an application for a specific job in English.

• Learn how to write a CV in English, and what are the main sections in a CV. o Cover Letters, Resume, CV.

• Learn about the types of Job Interviews.

• Learn the common questions in Job Interviews and how to answer them confidently and effectively.

• Learn presentation skills and how to prepare it.

• Learn delivery and presentation skills.

• Learn the most important phrases to help you deliver your presentation successfully.

• Learn about the types of electronic correspondence.

Target group

Fresh graduates of young women Ladies on the job