About The Skills

An intensive vocational training program for developing work skills and qualifying young women for the labor market in various fields and identifying the most prominent challenges to career success and how to overcome them. It includes three main sections, namely English language, information technology, and life skills. The English Language Department Skills Program contains multiple lessons that include learning the basics of the English language.

The program uses a theoretical and practical teaching style, as it contains language lessons on the basics of the English language provided by the trainer, and they are applied directly with the trainer and trainees through speaking, writing, and reading. As for the Information Technology Department, a sufficient information base is built to perform the office work required in the work environment with the highest efficiency and speed. The fundamentals of information technology are taught theoretically so that the trainer learns the basics of various Microsoft programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access. As for the life skills section, it aims to empower female job seekers for career success, by enhancing professionalism at work and dealing with others, and familiarizing trainees with the most important skills needed for female employees such as writing a CV, and others.

General Aims

  • Identify the life skills necessary for the work environment and use them effectively in the scope of work.
  • Contributing to a high rate of resettlement by investing in the capabilities of appetizers to work.
  • Spreading work culture and commitment.
  • Compensation for the lack of experience of recent graduates with training.
  • Attracting locally distinguished scientific competencies and developing them with the highest efficiency.

Detailed objectives:

By the end of the Skills Program, participants will be able to:

• Gains confidence in her ability to speak and listen to English

• Learn the basics of English grammar

• write sentences and questions correctly

• Learn verb conjugations

• read and understand in English

• write in English.

• Get acquainted with the main programs of Microsoft: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook.

•Provide the latest updates for these programs (for 2016)

• Learn about the most important software tools.

• Learn about the most prominent applications and basic programs accompanying Microsoft.

• Qualify for work through training in writing an effective CV

• Be familiar with the most important resources needed during the search for work

• Conducts successful personal interviews

• Learn about the work environment and the necessary professional skills in it. 

Target Group

Fresh graduates looking for a job