PSFD Pathways

Saudi Arabia’s young potentials are its most valuable asset. Empowering them has been and will remain a priority of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his crown prince, may Allah bless them. As a testimony to that commitment, PSF has always been keen on empowering and enabling Saudi capabilities, by promoting self-employment working culture to prompt Saudi social development journey and encourage Saudization in all sectors to promote the growth of our economy.
It's represented through four primary pathways centered on development and change to amplify growth while keeping abreast of social and environmental shifts, and providing multiple services for men and women to achieve greater efficiency.


Empower individuals' capabilities and leadership skills in various areas; by providing training courses and measuring performance to support strengthening the national economy as one of Vision 2030 sustainable economy pillars.


Cultivating cooperation and integration between our society members to realize Vision 2030 objectives. PSF endeavors to foster individuals' awareness in various fields, provide them with the required skills, and supply them with their educational needs through community initiatives, research, and relevant studies.


Supporting development efforts by sufficing our society's needs through developing their skills, and increase their productivity according to a comprehensive framework for sustainable development.


Supporting Saudization initiatives among Saudi individuals, businesses and industries. PSF strives to uncover the unbound potentials of Saudis to grow as a vital driver of social, economic, and professional stability in the country. PSF seeks to employ Saudi capabilities to bridge the gaps in the Saudi market. "Riwaq Bayader" program for localizing industries has worked on several initiatives to deliver 100% Saudi-based products and supply factories and businesses with their needs.