PSDF Initiatives

PSF's community initiatives have been pivotal to Saudi Arabia's development mission. Such initiatives are targeting promising groups and sectors to further develop the country in various fields. Here we shed light on PSF outstanding initiatives during its 12-year journey.

Your Mask Protects You

Year: 2020

An initiative launched by PSDF during the pandemic period to manufacture cloth masks and distribute them to institutions and associations that have a shortage, in support of the progressive efforts recommended by our rational government and to protect our society from the spread of the epidemic.

Instagrammers Space

Year: 2018 / 2019 / 2020

A development initiative launched by the Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Development Fund to support project owners and talents by providing consultations, training workshops, and success stories in various fields to guide ideas owners to exploit talents and turn them into investment opportunities.

Adopt an Orphan

Year: 2018

A humanitarian initiative that includes the participation of the sons and daughters of the eastern region in the experience of adopting an orphan child for one day that is spent entirely in various recreational activities with orphaned children, so that each participant is evicted with a specific child in order to bring happiness in his heart. The initiative also seeks to create a strong bond between the orphan and the community of Through sustainable human contact, which leads to the integration of orphans of unknown parentage and creates confidence in themselves, and the initiative from the other side works to elevate the culture of individuals in dealing with orphans and emphasize the values ​​of giving and giving in order to embrace these children in the hands of society.

Woman's Caravan

Year: 2019

A developmental initiative launched in 2019 to unlock Saudi women's potentials and empower them to play a pivotal role in realizing Vision 2030 objectives by increasing women's participation in the labor market from 22% - 30%. 

Let's Walk

Year: 2018

A community initiative launched in 2018 to inspire women to adopt healthy lifestyles, follow healthy diets, and foster a healthy environment by getting rid of unhealthy habits.

Women Health is Women Fitness

Year: 2018

A community initiative in cooperation with the General Sports Authority to spread awareness about the latest developments in female sport. The initiative has seen many entities join-efforts for the cause from government entities, sponsors, producers, to investors in sport and fitness.

We Are Your Children

Year: 2016 / 2017

A community initiative launched between 2016/2017 to recognize elders’ vital role in our community and enable young people to avail of their life experience.

Now is the Time

Year: 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019

A hashtag campaign launched between (2015- 2019) to encourage women to undergo mammography screening for breast cancer in line with PSF social responsibly to address health and social issues.

Never Overlooked

Year: 2015

A hashtag took off in 2015 in recognition and appreciation of female workers who left their marks on their jobs. Those women were acknowledged at the Eastern Province Council for Social Responsibility launching ceremony on February 22, 2015.

Proud of You

Year: 2014

A community initiative launched in 2014 in conjunction with the International Women’s Day to bring voice to Saudi women's breakthrough and give recognition to their pivotal role and impact on the community.

Because You Are My Supporter

Year: 2015

A community initiative established in 2015 to acknowledge men who stood by their partners in various fields.