National Day Initiative - Saudi Day

Date: September 20, 2021 Time: 07:00 AM - 11:00 PM Sector: None Location: KSA

Address:  Al-Tamimi Markets Branches - Eastern Province.

Content :

Coinciding with the Saudi National Day 1443 AH, a community initiative will be launched to support distinguished Saudi local projects to encourage local industries, in addition to educating society and consumers about the importance of supporting local products and their sustainable economic impact to achieve economic growth and prosperity for our dear country, and in a strategic partnership with Tamimi Markets, the products of our Saudi youth were displayed in Branches dedicated to selling and marketing their products. We seek economic sustainability in terms of...

•Develop the added value of the local economy

• Supporting the localization of the distinguished Saudi industries sector

• Increasing the market share of local goods and products

• Increasing the percentage of local consumption of Saudi products

The strategic partner of the initiative is Tamimi Markets

Projects participating in the initiative:

o Project Snowhite

o Project Gems

o Specilty plus project

o Project AZ Jars

o Project Date Oil

Location: Al-Tamimi Markets Branches - Eastern Province.