Bayader Services

Bayader Center provides multiple services seemingly tailored to its beneficiaries' different needs while committing to effectuating PSF's vision and mission of empowering Saudi entrepreneurs and promoting a culture of self-employment and entrepreneurship. Here we take a glance at some of Bayader services:


SMEs are incubated and developed until they are fully evolved and well-established to compete in the market. The Center provides training programs, marketing services, and consultations. Among the initiatives propelled by the Center is the "Ideas Lab" which encompasses a series of workshops to unfold creative ideas and transform them into projects on the ground. The "Talent Lab" offers a free creative space for young men and women to uncover their talents while providing small co-working spaces for rent. The lab endeavors to shape-up the economic mindset for male and female students and equip them with necessary tools that ensure the success of their project.

Continuous Financial Support

The continuous financial support aims to diversify the economy, unlock growth potentials in various industries and productive sectors. Important projects sectors that add to the market will be supported to create new industries, generate job opportunities, and develop national capabilities.

Training Programs and Seminars

Bayader Center offers integrated training programs and brief seminars in all fields of community development

Open Meetings

Bayader Center provides open meetings with inspiring and top-tier people in business to share their success stories


Bayader Center provides various consultations services to business entrepreneurs to support them in developing their projects.