About Bayader Center

PFS's Bayader is a catalyst for promising projects during their life cycle, from inaugurating to growth and expansion, offering a set of targeted qualification programs and consultations services. Bayader serves as a hub for creative ideas and a factory of successful projects on the ground. By supplying young Saudis with scientific-based innovative opportunities, the center uncovers new horizons for a generation of entrepreneurs, fosters a spirit of excellence and initiative-taking, and inspires them to partake in establishing a robust Saudi economy. Bayader is an avenue of inspiration where innovation and added-value can reach new heights. Projects can be incubated from one to three years. They are selected based on their compatibility with the environment of the center, including technical, technological, consulting, and service projects.

Bayader Objectives

  • Supporting promising Saudi-based projects to increase their chances to succeed.
  • Setting up the perfect business environment, especially in the project's first critical years.
  • Linking small industries to each other and strengthening their cooperation.
  • Enabling products tailored to the community's needs through well-established projects capable of ensuring continuous development and growth in the future.