Prince Nayef Award for Distinguished Saudi Women

The last fingerprint of Prince Nayef - may God have mercy on him - in supporting Saudi women to introduce women's successes in various fields of work and document their achievements annually, when he approved, may God have mercy on him, the idea of ​​launching a specialized prize for Saudi women, based on a proposal presented to him by Her Royal Highness Princess Jawaher Bint Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, for the coronation of Saudi women with outstanding achievements at the national level and highlighting their bright sides.

Prince Muhammad Bin Fahd Prize for Young Leadership

Every inspirational leader has work that has an impact on individuals and society, and believing that that impact deserves appreciation, the Prince Muhammad Bin Fahd Prize for Young Leaders stems from the principle of encouraging and supporting the efforts of distinguished young women who make change in their societies in various fields, as it aims to achieve the goals of sustainable development and present Bright examples of the international community, and through this award the most young women who have influence in society in the fields of community development, science and technology, culture and the arts are attracted.