PSDF Achievements

Since it's established 12 years ago, PSF achievements have reached new heights at all levels and pathways to effectuate its vision, mission, and values. Here we shed light on PSF prominent achievements during its 12-year journey.


Between 2008-2019, PSF has introduced more than 642 training programs targeting more than 53,463 beneficiaries. Moreover, PSF launched Prince Nayef Award for Exceptional Saudi Women and Prince Mohamed Award for Young Leaders.


Between 2008-2019, PSF has launched more than 52 community initiatives run by 1350 volunteers and targeting 43,390 female beneficiaries. Furthermore, PSF has joined-efforts with various organizations, including King Saud University and Harvard Business School, to publish more than 200 literature and research as part of its commitment to spur and promote awareness.


Between 2008-2019, PSF has provided more than 674 training programs through development centers such as Byader. A business services center established in 2016 to serve as a hub for creative ideas and a factory of successful projects on the ground. PSF has supported and funded 749 projects and oversaw transforming 34% of small businesses into medium businesses, and promoting 10% of the projects incubated in the Center. PSF's Innovation and Creativity Center is an accelerator for innovation and promising products and projects concepts that provide an added value to the global and local economy while employing global best practices and standards.


Between 2008 – 2019, PSF has committed to boosting Localization through Riwaq Bayader by recruiting and training Saudi women to deliver 100% Saudi-based products and supply factories and businesses with their needs. Furthermore, PSF has introduced more than 722 training programs that targeted 29,752 female beneficiaries, with a 23% recruitment rate.